Silcura® IAD (incontinence-associated dermatitis)

In observational studies, Silcura® spray was shown to be effective against both diaper dermatitis in babies and incontinence-associated dermatitis in those needing long-term care, e. g. Parkinson’s patients. In other cases, involving incontinent stroke patients on a neurological ward, the nursing staff were able to see very good results over a period of four weeks. Two 125 ml Silcura® spray dispensers were sufficient to cover this interval, at a rate of two applications per day. In this application study, the nursing staff reported considerable improvements in the condition of the skin in the genital area and in skin folds, as well as a significant reduction in odor.

Incontinence-associated dermatitis (IAD) is an irritant toxic contact dermatitis. Continuous contact with urine and feces irritates the skin, causing rashes or eczema to develop, for example, right through to dermatitis, whereupon the skin becomes highly inflamed all around the affected areas. Moisture, irritants and micro-organisms trigger this inflammation and lead to skin damage in the genital area.

Characteristics of Silcura®

Silcura® has the ideal characteristics required in a preventive care product aimed at managing IAD:

  • Excellent skin-caring effect and support for the regeneration of the damaged skin barrier
  • Low potential for irritation and sensitization
  • Does not burn (sting) when applied
  • Does not restrict the functionality of incontinence care
  • Well accepted by patients, clinics and care personnel
  • Minimizes the number of required care products in a cost-effective way
  • Antimicrobial properties, including for multi-resistant hospital germs, e.g. MRSA
  • Close to the pH-value of the skin
  • Odor reduction
  • Hydrophobic properties with respect to its protective effect against urine and feces
  • Simple, straightforward application

Silcura® contains functional ingredients:

  • 0.2% MicroSilver
  • 0.1% ceramide 3
  • 2.0% L-(+)-lactic acid/lactate
  • 5.0% oil from the uropygial gland of aquatic birds (synthetic)

Silcura® combines the highest possible tolerability with skin protection and skin barrier-repair functionality using only a small number of ingredients. Consequently, the damaged skin only comes into contact with a few substances.

By incorporating hydrophilic and hydrophobic principles, Silcura® ensures balanced hydration and protects against wetness on the skin. This is achieved through the use of a hydrophobic lipid, which aquatic birds secrete in the uropygial gland to help waterproof their feathers. This hydrophobic, skin-compatible lipid forms a protective film on the skin’s surface.

Illustration: Bacteria, Fungi, MicroSilver Ions on the Skin

Silcura® also contains skin barrier-regenerating ceramide 3 and ultra-pure micronized silver (MicroSilver).

Elementary MicroSilver is distinguished by its particle size distribution and special texture. Its antibacterial properties have a targeted effect on the skin’s surface and primarily affect germs that can prolong inflammatory reactions on a broken skin barrier. The Staphylococcus aureus bacterium often plays a role in encouraging inflammation in inflammatory dermatitis. Unlike silver nanostructures or salts, MicroSilver’s particle size distribution means it does not penetrate the skin. Therefore, it has no toxic properties and does not interfere significantly with the natural skin flora in the stratum corneum.

The safety and impact of MicroSilver have been demonstrated in clinical studies. Numerous products containing MicroSilver show good tolerability, including in long-term use.

Silcura® Technology

Where is Silcura® available?

Silcura® is currently available on the Latin-American market and, under the brand names PelCare® Silber and Belcura®, in Europe.