Silcura® – Technology

Spray technology

In developing Silcura®, we have focused specifically on the needs of regular users of medicinal skin care. In addition to the effective relief of symptoms, ease of application was of paramount importance.

The precise spray technology used for Silcura® enables a powerful, fine and even distribution of the emulsion on the skin. With just one push of the button (continuous spray mode), the user can spray large or small areas of the body in just seconds. Just a light re-application afterwards ensures Silcura® is absorbed into the skin. Prolonged rubbing in stresses the skin and is therefore to be avoided.

Thanks to the fine distribution provided by the spray system, Silcura® can be used particularly efficiently. A 125 ml dispenser is enough for up to 100 generous applications.

Gradual antimicrobial effect of microsilver


Silcura® contains ultra-pure elementary MicroSilver, which is produced using an innovative, patented process. This silver, which is characterized by its special surface texture, has outstanding antimicrobial properties.

MicroSilver is effective on inflammatory skin. It is anti-inflammatory and therefore supports the care and regeneration of irritated and inflamed skin.

MicroSilver is also effective against the spectrum of germs on human skin, without disturbing the natural skin flora in the long term. It breaks the chronic cycle of inflammation, in which germs like Staphylococcus aureus are able to trigger an inflammatory reaction over and again.

MicroSilver does not penetrate the skin. This is because the size of MicroSilver molecules means they act exclusively on the surface of the skin and – in contrast to the much smaller nanomolecules – cannot penetrate the human body. MicroSilver is therefore completely safe to use, as numerous scientific studies prove.

Skin moisturizing

Silcura® provides optimal moisturization for dry and irritated skin. Through the combination of water-soluble (hydrophilic) and water-repellent (hydrophobic) substances, Silcura® retains moisture in the skin in two ways.

L-(+)-lactic acid/lactate and glycerin – the highly-effective hydrophilic substances actively absorb water and provide the skin with natural moisturizing factors.

Hydrophobic lipids form a protective film on the skin, which reduces the evaporation of moisture and thus significantly decreases transepidermal water loss (TEWL). As a result, the natural protective layer of the skin can be restored.

Ceramide 3 also protects the skin from water loss. Overall, the moisture content of the skin increases, making it more elastic and resilient. In addition, Ceramide 3 supports skin cell growth and thus accelerates the regeneration of skin that has been damaged by dryness.

Tolerability and safety of Silcura®

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In developing Silcura®, we paid particular attention to achieving maximum tolerability and safety. Silcura® is therefore made exclusively from ultra-pure skin care ingredients and is completely free from any potentially allergenic or irritating substances. Consequently, the Silcura® formulation does not contain

  • perfumes
  • preservatives
  • polyethylene glycol (PEG)-based emulsifiers
  • alcohol
  • lanolin (wool waxes)
  • polyacrylates
  • substances of animal origin
  • proteins
  • colorings
  • silicones
  • nickel

Likewise, no hydrocarbon-based substances, such as petroleum jelly or paraffin, were used. Clinical dermatological skin irritation and sensitization tests have unequivocally confirmed the high tolerability of Silcura. This applies to the emulsion base as well as to the MicroSilver contained in the formulation. Silcura® is well-tolerated, even when used long-term. Silcura® is also excellent for the care of neurodermatitis in children.

Silcura® is produced in accordance with GMP for medicinal products. All raw materials, packaging and products are therefore subject to medicinal GMP-compliant quality control.